Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Evaltuation FOUR

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We had to create a music video as well produce two ancillary tasks, this was to create a digipak and magazine poster to go with it. When creating these products I wanted to keep the same theme of light and dark so they would both link together. These themes combines demonstrated a marketing campaign for our song with the branding and house style.
The house style of my digipak with red and black this reflected back to the video as we music multiple colours lights contrasting with darkness. We used a brand to make our artist more recognizable for the audience. I believe the theme of the colours were successful with the audience as they would be recognised as a package. Linking my digipak and video together with the same idea of neon colours this had a strong effect on the audience as they would be able to identify these together. This is also encouraging the audience to remember what our brand and look is as they will be able to associate one with another.
When creating my digipak I had to remember important things to keep the theme and brand the same. I had to keep the same colour theme, text , style of presentation, the image and the album title.

Evalutation THREE

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

When creating my music video i made sure to use the codes and conventions of the indie pop genre to be able to produce a real and professional video that would relate to the artists audience. And because the song had no exisiting video we had to research and plan to learn about the codes and attempting to use them while developing and challenging these aspects.

When researching existing WET videos we noticed that there were no live performances or choreographed dances this is not only WET's videos but from other indie pop artists only a few such as 1975 had live band performances. However they tend to sing in front of the camera while the majority of the shots are close ups so we can see the artists face and emotion when lip syncing. We noticed that there is a significantly amount of indie pop music videos with close up lip syncing so we made sure to add this into our video as its a familiar convention.
When researching locations we noticed that WET had very 90s/80s feel towards their video as they had old style American houses, parks and beaches. We noticed that other indie pop videos seem to go for the look and feel so we made sure to add this convention into our video by filming parts of the sea and pier then changing the colour grading to give the footage a more nostalgic feel, Because indie pop videos like to relate to the audience by having similar clothes and locations we believe that we managed to achieve this as we filmed mundane places.

Indie pop has a variety of paces, ours was fairly slow paced so when editing we used longer shots and transitions so there cuts weren't so jumpy. In the chorus we had cut up the chorus multiple times to show a variety of angles so it wouldn't get too boring. Many conventional slow paced songs used longer bits of footage and not many cuts but where as more up beat and faced paced songs they tend it cut it up more matching with the beat of the song.
When researching indie pop artists we noticed that there videos and digipaks are quite dark and lowly lit adding to the whole 'edgy' and mysterious' persona we thought this was important as we are adding neon lights to our video so we added the light and dark contrast so we got deep colours and shadows.
We didn't really use the same conventions of WET's album as they used very bright colours such as whites and purples, this didn't fit in with the whole neon lights and nature theme so we followed the theme of our video and followed it through to our digipaks.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Evaluation TWO


In editing we used a variety of transitions and effects to the music video to make it more interesting. Using transitions such as fade and dissolve help the video flow better into a next scene of a shot. Using effects such as kaleidoscope makes videos much more visually interesting and compelling.